Overflow is a simple, straight forward and practical guide designed to help you walk in the Abundant Life that Jesus paid for.

***WARNING: Be prepared to have some of your religious paradigms shattered!

“a precise call to the TRUE ABUNDANT LIFE..”

“very inspiring..”

“my mind exploded a million times…”

“I’m stuck soaking in the first 10 pages!..”

“incredibly inspiring and an excellent resource and didn’t want to miss a beat as it is so meaty…”

This No B.S. Guide breaks down the simplicity of the abundant life and it gives you practical steps to engage it. You will learn what the abundant life really is, why many never actually walk in it and how you can begin to walk in it TODAY! This book is a combination of Joseph’s personal testimonies with scriptures that are underrated, underutilized and largely ignored by the body of Christ.

This book is a short read that will challenge and inspire you to step into everything that Jesus paid for you to have.

Whether you have been a believer for a long time, just started your journey or are just curious about Jesus; if you want to see an upgrade in all areas of your life, Overflow is for you! You will learn how to live a WHOLENESS, CONTENTMENT & ABUNDANCE.

Joseph Wilson’s mission with releasing this book is to show believers that it is God’s will that every area of your life flourishes and to flourish such an extent that your Father in Heaven gets all the glory. This book is being released a year after Joseph’s mother’s passing, on what would have been her sixty third birthday and he hopes that this will inspire people to step into abundance now instead of letting life just pass them by. Joseph is the founder of Fuse Life whose mission is to empower as many people as possible to walk in the fullness of what God has for them.

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